Dr Frank Formby

I have worked as a palliative care specialist for most of my adult life, including being director of a palliative care service. I have also worked as a taxi driver, a bank officer, and was a member of the Army Reserve. I am a small business owner.

I have volunteered for Amnesty International, Oxfam, and the Australian Conservation Foundation. I am on the board of New Internationalist magazine.

Why I am standing for election;

I am committed to improving services to the voters of Clark and Tasmanians generally. I will employ additional staff to help members of our community and improve my understanding of issues and work out solutions.

The Tasmanian health system is a mess – I see it all the time! I have created a model which has already been proven to work, to remedy the inefficiencies. I will end the ramping.

Improving public transport in Hobart will not only benefit existing users, it will relieve cost-of-living pressures and reduce traffic congestion

If elected I will:

Vote against the stadium – until the hospitals, housing and transport issues are fixed.

Improve the responsiveness and efficiency of the health care system, based on successful ideas from around the world, adapted to Tasmania.

Ensure transparency and accountability in Parliament by

· Increasing funding for the Ombudsman Tasmania to ensure that every Tasmanian will have their complaints or concerns with government resolved quickly.
· Requiring Ministers diaries to be publicly accessible.

Ban parliamentarians from having private meetings with industry associations, large businesses and lobbyists.
· Holding a citizens’ jury on health

Protect the climate by

· Banning any new fossil fuel projects in Tasmania
· Ending native forest logging
· Keeping Tasmanians safe by a co-ordinated government response to reduce the threats of climate change, including upgrading disaster planning and resources